​​Snow Policy: Residential only, subject to change without notice. 


Your base price = The Cost Per Plow/Push
2-6 inches of snow = Base Price Cost
7-12 inches of snow = 2X Base Price
13-18 inches of snow = 3X Base Price
19-24 inches of snow = 4X Base Price


If for some reason you decide you do not want snow plowing for a particular storm, please notify us 24 hours prior to the storm starting. If we do not receive EMAIL notification prior to that you will be billed for the service whether we do or do not plow.

The reason for this is because storms are very challenging as it is, and we have to set up the plow routes well ahead of the storm and get prepared. It causes a lot of confusion and chaos for the office and the staff when we have to add or delete people from the plow list on short notice.

Each time we add or remove someone it changes the route, in addition to that it takes us more time to adjust and slows us down - which results in getting to our clients driveways later.

We thank you in advance for understanding.

Preparation For Snow Removal:

Please mark out both sides of your driveway and the ends of the driveway with 4 foot tall reflective markers. Markers should be placed every 15 feet. Markers should be placed directly against asphalt to avoid damage to the grass(we will plow right up to the stakes) These can be purchased at Home Depot/Lowe’s.

Any walkways or rocks that are not level with the driveway need to be marked out and we need to be notified ahead of time, we cannot see these objects under the snow and cannot be liable for what we cannot see or what is not marked out.

Cars need to be put in the garage or moved well out of the way before our arrival. We can only spend a short time shoveling around cars that are left in the driveway as we need to get to other clients. We will shovel in front of your garage as well.

When We Plow:

We plow at 2 inches or more unless the next day is supposed to be warm (Oct/Nov Snow usually). If we get a small storm(Less than 6 inches) we generally wait until end of storm so make only one trip minimize cost to you.

How We Plow:

We do not clear mail box areas as part of our "Normal" Service — If you need any additional mailbox clearance please let us know.

Driveway Condition:

Occasionally we run into sitations where a portion of a driveway gets dug up during plowing. This typically happens when there are existing cracks or "lips" in the driveway. The plow blade – or even just the pile of dense, icy snow – can grab a crack or "lip" and pull up a chunk of pavement. If there is a gap or crack in the pavement, it is very likely that plowing will make it worse, even if it doesn't immediately dig up a chunk.

Damage doesn't always happen in these situations, but it can. Unfortunately, there's no sure way to prevent it other than repairing the driveway ahead of time, ensuring it is smooth and seamless. We are not liable for damage that occurs due to the condition of the driveway.

Gravel Driveways

For gravel or loose stone driveways, we are not liable for displaced stone. If the ground/stone is not frozen, it's impossible to plow the driveway without moving stone. Typically, the warmer the driveway, the more stone will be displaced.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind:

We get to our clients as fast as we can, but we ask you to understand and be as patient as possible. We are very well equipped with proper equipment, but we cannot control extreme conditions and other drivers on the road.

Snow removal is not an exact science – We have to make our best guess and determinations based on the forecast. All of our billing and service policies are made with our clients best interest in mind. We always air on the side of safety, if the storm is going to be close to needing/not needing snow removal we will plow. We would rather have a client that is unhappy about paying for a 2 inch snow removal than a client that got stuck when the snow iced over or they fell and hurt themselves.